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What are the types of CCTV Cameras and Briefly Explained


What are the CCTV camera Types: In the previous article of CCTV, you must have known what a CCTV camera is. Talking about CAMERA TYPE, different cameras are installed in different places. You must have seen many types of cameras in the market and you have also desired. To know what types of CCTV cameras are there, and what is their specialty. In this article, I will give you the specification of how many types of CCTV cameras are there. And I am going to tell you all the good and bad things, so let’s know what types of cameras are there.

What are the types of CCTV cameras: –

CCTV camera Types: If we look at the technology used in cameras, differentiate them. So there are three types according to camera technology: – 1. ANALOG CCTV CAMERA, 2. IP CCTV CAMERA, 3. WIRELESS CCTV CAMERA.


Analog cameras look like all cameras, but in terms of technology, the cameras we see in TVL technology, TVL means TV line, the technology in which our old Bale TVs used to work. Regarding these cameras also work, we can also run analog cameras on DIRECTLY TV. But the TV should have the same or more TV line as the TV LINE has a camera. Only then will the camera be able to show live.

Right now the device that we use to record CCTV footage of analog cameras is called DVR. DIGITAL VIDEO RECORDER – Changes the analog signal received from DVR ANALOG CAMERA to digital OR we have digital CCTV camera FOOTAGE through monitor See. ANALOG CCTV CAMERA is cheaper than us and cameras, so we get these cameras everywhere at the home, office, etc.

Advantages of Analog Cameras:

1. Cost: The biggest advantage of Analog Rooms to USE is that it is the cheapest camera. Analog cameras are quite cheap, especially when you have to boost the number of cameras. Its installation does not cost much.

2. Easy to install: Analog people have been running cameras since the beginning, so its sales and vendor can be easily found. You can install these cameras yourself as it is very simple, to install, you only have to add the BNC connector and the power connector to the camera, if you know a little about it, then you can easily do the camera. Will be able to install

3. Very simple to use (UI): For analog cameras we use Dvar and its user interface is very easy. You can learn everything at once, although different DVR companies have a different user interface but not complex.

4. Technology is getting improved: The quality time of CCTV camera and DVR is getting better with time better than before we used to see normal cameras and now you have an IR camera, very focal camera HD camera, this is the time to time technology. is getting improved. So today you do not need to worry so much because even in analog cameras you get good quality.

Disadvantages of Analog Cameras:

1. Video quality: If we compare these cameras with digital cameras, then they are far behind in video quality. Analog cameras give you a maximum of up to 720p, but digital CCTV cameras can get you up to 4k resolution.

2. More cables: It is easy to install these cameras but with them, the wires are very easy, in every camera you need a wire for video and power, then managing the wire can be an issue. Want to keep CHECK CCTV CAMERA PRICE


CCTV camera Types: We also call IP CAMERA as a digital camera, these cameras are IDENTIFY by internet protocol, so they are called IP cameras. These cameras work above the digital signal, so we do not need DVR, we can also run them directly on our laptops, computers like DEVICES.

The CCTV FOOTAGE RECORD of the IP camera is used by NVR for viewing and viewing the network video recorder called BHO. We see IP cameras in MEGA PIXEL. These cameras are better than analog camera videos QUALITY but IP cameras are a bit expensive in PRICE.

Benefits of IP camera:

1. High video quality: Like I told you earlier that if the IP camera we get up to 4k resolution, then its video quality is very good. The more megapixel camera you get, the better the quality will be.

2. Clean installation: Cat-6 cable is used in IP Camera, due to which its installation is very clean and clean.

3. Intelligence: Within the camera, you get many advanced features that enhance your personal experience.

4. Open platform: I think the best thing about my choice of ip camera is that you can run it anywhere on the network, you can take iske liye NVR, and if you want to run from your computer, you can also run it from computer.

Disadvantages of IP camera:

1. Expensive: Digital cameras are slightly costlier than analog cameras, so getting an IP camera is a bit expensive.

2. Storage: These cameras are high resolution cameras, so it takes more storage space to record, for this you have to buy more storage.

Difficult to use: IP camera is a little complicated to do but not too much, you may have some trouble if you do not have knowledge of computer. CHECK IP CAMERA PRICE


CCTV camera Types: As we know from its name, this camera is able to show us CCTV LIVE FOOTAGE by communicating with WITHOUT WIRE VIDEO RECORDER or WIRELESS DEVICE. These cameras work on IP and WI-FI technology, with the help of which we are able to watch CCTV LIVE footage without any wire connection. We can also see these cameras on our smartphones.

If we want to get a SETUP of WIRELESS cameras, then it is very expensive. Therefore, you may see very rare WIRELESS cameras fitted. You can put these cameras on the table and use them in emergency case, such cameras will be available online at very cheap prices.

Benefits of Wireless Cameras:

1. No Wire Very easy to install: There is no need to make any connection, the cameras only have to give you power. And you can easily hang it in the wall or ceiling.

2. Easy to shift: Very often when the camera has to shift elsewhere, there is a problem in the wired camera because we need a wire for it but we do not need any wire in the wireless camera, so the wireless camera You can also shift to the side but it is necessary to have a PowerPoint on the arm.

3. very easy to use: it is very easy to do these cameras, you have to install the camera app on your mobile and connect the camera to the wifi and you can see it on the mobile computer and NVR.

4. Can be more affordable: Wireless cameras can be more affordable as they do not require professional installation.

5. Cloud storage option: Your camera footage can often be backed up to the cloud so that you can view your cameras remotely.

Disadvantages of Wireless Cameras:

1. Costly: These are a few hostels and the service of these comers is also costly. If you use cloud storage for storage, then you will have to pay for it also.

2. No wide coverage: The biggest problem in a wireless camera is that you cannot mount the camera very far apart, you have to place the camera within the wifi range.

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According to external technology, how many CCTV camera Types are visible in OR and what is special among them: –

According to the USES of CAMERA, there is a little SPECS and look CHANGE.

1. Dome Camera:

The dome camera is like a half-cut ball. This camera is perfect for mounting in the ceiling. Good to see There is no harm in applying the look of your home and office. You will find this camera more in banks, offices, and shops. You will also get to see many types of dome cameras. In general, Dome cameras are also of two types. Normal Dome Camera and Very Focal Dome Camera.

2. Normal Dome Camera and IR DOME CAMERA:

Normal Dome cameras are also of two types. NORMAL DOME CAMERA OR IR DOME CAMERA. The only difference between these two is that the normal Dome camera is not able to take footage at night. Because it does not have infrared LED and the IR Dome camera can take footage in the dark. You will have to spend less money for a normal dome camera, a night vision camera will cost you a little costly. Normal Dome Camera You will get to see the same thing in all environments.

The IR Dome camera is more capable of capturing good quality footage, but it also has more light effect like it does not prove to be as good in LOW light. If either of the two is to be taken, then no doubt you should take the IR Dome camera. Because this camera is better than normal dome camera. But take care that there should be a proper light in its focus area only then this camera proves to be good.


As you can guess from its name, it can be something special about camera focus. In this camera, you get the convenience of optical zoom. Through which you will be able to cover your subject well in the camera. And in this camera you can also manually set its focus.

Another good thing in a very focal camera is that its lens is larger, compared to the normal camera, you can take more good footage. IR VERY focal camera zoom and focus as well as IR TECHNOLOGY means that this camera will be able to show us cctv camera footage even in the night in blackin white.

4. Bullet Camera:

A bullet camera consists of a cylinder or a piece of a stick. This camera is more out-door use, you must have seen in the parking area outside the toll gate, outside an office, this camera works well in outdoor, its quality is quite good. These cameras are also of two types, but you get night vision in both places, this is a good thing. In it, you will find a normal bullet camera and a very different focal bullet camera.

5. Box Type Cameras:

This camera looks somewhat like a bullet camera, but this camera is slightly flattened and looks like a box. In this camera, you get different Lance like any DSLR camera. The BNC and power pin connectors are connected to the PCB for the OUTPUT of this CAMERA. The lens of this Camera is very big, due to which it is capable of taking very good footage. You do not get these cameras with night vision. You will often find these types of cameras very handy.

6. PTZ Camera:

The PTZ camera is known from its full forum, what kind of camera it can be. P – PAN, T – TILT, Z – ZOOM means you can remotely control its direction. You can focus on the area you want to focus on.

You can rotate this camera as this camera rotates from right to left and up.

It also has another special thing that it can focus on one subject, the way a subject will move, your camera will also move with the subject. This camera is slightly costlier than all rooms. You can see these cameras in big warehouses, the stalls or at any square.

7. Pin Hole Camera:

You might know this camera by the name of hidden camera. It is quite small to see the form of its name. It is used in a place where no one knows that it has a camera on it. The footage taken by it would have been good but not very good. People use this camera for both good and bad things, in some places this camera exposes corruption, and in some places it also shames humanity. Because there are many people in this world who use this camera for wrong things which should never happen.

You must have known by now how many CCTV camera Types are there. As we have known, we can DEPRECIATE CCTV CAMERA in two ways. Looking at internal technology and looking at external technology!

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