Trust Accounting in Office Manager tools

Office Manager tools

Office Manager tools: The Office Manager handles trust accounting as an integral part of each client’s ledger. Each time you display a ledger on screen, trust account activity is listed along with the regular activity so that you always have a complete picture of each matter’s financial status. Various types of functional testing have been done for this Trust Accounting feature in Office manager tools.

Two reports that law firms find indispensable are the Trust Balance Report and the Trust Activity Report:

The Office Manager’s General Ledger system is an interactive and batch-oriented system that accepts direct input from the Accounts Payable/Check Writer and summarized information from The Office Manager. Reports include the standard three-column Balance Sheet as well as a Comparative Balance Sheet, Income Statement with or without profit center breakdowns, a Detailed General Ledger, and a Trial Balance Worksheet. The Office Manager’s General Ledger is a comprehensive and robust system featuring:

No forced end-of-month closing. Your data is available all year and can be readily updated or amended. Office Manager tools

Up to three open years. Previous, Current, and Next Year’s data is fully available at all times. When a new year begins, you don’t have to wait until all the previous year’s entries are complete and the year is closed before making entries for the new year.

Multiple, user-defined financial statement formats.

Few things are more frustrating than spending valuable time talking with a potential client and then discovering that your partner already represents an opposing party in the matter. Or receiving a check from someone you have never heard of, with no indication of what account to credit. Office Manager tools

Trust Balance Report

A summary report by an attorney for all matters that have funds in trust. It reports the fee, cost and trust balances. This report lends itself perfectly to a pre-billing assessment of which funds should be transferred from the trust account before new statements are generated.

Trust Activity Report

A detailed listing for each matter, including beginning and ending balances, of all trust account activity during a given time period. It also provides a summary section detailing that portion of the overall trust account that is attributable to each timekeeper. Office Manager tools

The Office Manager’s flexible billing procedures will not only save you time, but will streamline and simplify the billing process. Here are some of the major features:

  • Single client billing
  • Billing by timekeeper
  • Billing only above a minimum balance
  • Billing at any time and as frequently as necessary
  • Cycle and demand billing
  • Transaction cutoff date
  • Reproduction of any previous bill
  • Multiple statement formats
  • Unlimited customized statements controllable on the case level
  • Automatic service charge calculations
  • Timekeeper, standard, and class billing rates
  • Dunning, firm, and personalized case level messages
  • Print statements as many times as necessary
  • Client ledgers for review and for fee affidavits, containing original detailed information for all billed transactions

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Management Reports

The Office Manager provides a comprehensive set of reports and reporting tools specifically designed to help manage, control, and measure performance in critical accounting and management areas. 

Meaningful and readable reports

Reports that may be printed at any time during the month with complete up-to-the-minute information for fees, costs, service charges, and trust.Office Manager tools

Detail and summary management reports by client, matter, selected timekeepers, date range, and practice areas

  1. Reports that can be printed to the screen or to a printer, or sent directly to a file to review and print at a later time
  2. Accounts Receivable Aging and Work-In-Progress reports
  3. Client and Matter summary reports
  4. New and Closed Matter reporting
  5. Effective Hourly Rate reporting for hourly, flat-fee and contingency matters
  6. Detailed Cash Receipts reporting with distribution
  7. Complete detailed transaction reporting, including current and historical transactions
  8. Timekeeper, practice area and client/matter performance and profitability reports


It is widely recommended for people to consider using the right tool for the right purpose because it plays a vital role to enjoy efficiency. Most of the current day generation people prefer using advanced technology elements because it helps them to maintain accuracy without compromising on the quality.


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