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Top 9 Powerful Countries with Nuclear Weapons (2020)


Countries with Nuclear Weapons: Nuclear-armed countries are collectively in possession of 13865 warheads according to a report published by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute. The availability of reliable information on the status of nuclear arsenals and the capabilities of nuclear-armed. States vary significantly some countries have disclosed considerable information about their respective nuclear stockpiles and capabilities, while some provide little or no information about the status nuclear weapon capabilities force numbers or size of their Arsenal’s. In this article, we’ll be presenting Nine countries in the world that have the most nuclear warheads today based on the SIPRI data.

9. North Korea

North Korea has a military nuclear weapons program and as of early 2019 is estimated to have an arsenal of approximately 20 to 30 nuclear weapons. And sufficient fissile material for an additional 30 to 16 nuclear weapons North Korea has also stockpiled a significant quantity of chemical and biological weapons. Countries with Nuclear Weapons

8. North Korea

Israel estimates Israel’s stockpile range between 80 to 90 nuclear warheads and the country is believed to possess. The ability to deliver them in several methods including by aircraft as submarine-launched cruise missiles and the Jericho series of intermediate to intercontinental-range ballistic missiles.

7. India

India has developed and possesses weapons of mass destruction in the form of nuclear weapons although India has not made any official statements about the size of its nuclear arsenal recent estimates suggest that India has 130 to 140 nuclear weapons.

6. Pakistan

Pakistan Pakistan is one of nine states to possess nuclear weapons estimates of Pakistan’s stockpile of nuclear warheads to vary and the analysis published in Stockholm International Peace Research Institute in 2018 estimates that Pakistan has 150 to 160 nuclear warheads. Countries with Nuclear Weapons

5. United Kingdom

The fifth country in the world that has the most nuclear warheads in the United Kingdom the analysis published in the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute in 2018 estimates that the United Kingdom has 120 deployed warheads other warheads it’s 80 numbers which sum up to a total of 200 inventory.

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4. China

The number of nuclear warheads in China’s Arsenal is a state secret China is estimated by the SIPRI to have an arsenal of about 290 total warheads as of 2018 according to some estimates the country could more than double the number of warheads on missiles that could threaten the United States by the mid-2020s. Countries with Nuclear Weapons

3. France

France is one of the five nuclear-weapon states under the treaty on the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons but is not known to possess or develop any chemical or biological weapons it has a total of 300 nuclear warheads 280 of which have been deployed.

2. The United States

The United States was the first country to manufacture nuclear weapons and is the only country to have used them in combat with the separate bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in World War two as of 2019 the US has an inventory of 6,000 185 nuclear warheads 1,750 of which have been deployed.

1. Russia

Russia according to the Federation of American scientists an organization that assesses nuclear weapons stockpiles as of 2018 the Russian Federation possesses approximately 6,500 nuclear warheads 1,600 of which have been deployed in addition to nuclear weapons Russia declared. Countries with Nuclear Weapons

An arsenal of 39967 tons of chemical weapons in 1997. The US and Russia possess comparable numbers of nuclear warheads together these two nations possess more than 90 percent of the world’s nuclear warheads. Countries with Nuclear Weapons.



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