Meta Desc.- Quickshortcutmaker apk is the ultimate companion that has the highest potential to allow you to create shortcuts for any hidden apps on your home screen.


The app Quickshortcutmaker apk is a name of reliance on its stability and remarkable for making shortcuts of hidden apps within the Android ecosystem. It has gained its popularity not only for this key feature but also for all other attractive options that will be described in brief to compel you to check this out. Let’s breakdown the discussion to dig out why we are so excited to review this for you.

why your smartphone should have a quickshortcutmaker Apk

What this quick shortcut maker apk does

Every app made by developers has a purpose to serve the user.  Quickshortcutmaker apk was made to give access to the user to make shortcuts for the hidden apps. When you run the app, this will crawl the secure scripts from your phone’s OS.

It will allow you to make a shortcut of your hidden apps. This particular app will give you access to rename the shortcut, customize the font, and change the icon style as well.

Exciting Features of These Apps

In the meantime, you already have got familiar with some key features of this particular app. But we want to introduce some more exciting features as well.  We are pretty sure one or more features will be a hit point for sure, that will make you try this at least once.

1.     Group by Features:

Generally, we don’t use all the apps frequently installed on our smartphones. Instead, we have some common apps that we are open to using frequently. But searching these apps manually and using them is a little bit monotonous.

Quickshortcutmakers can handle this hassle as your assistant. You can shortlist your frequently used apps by tracking your app user behavior and making your life easier as you spend a busy day. You can access this feature from the “activities” tab on the home screen of this app.

2.     No Root Permission Required:

We want to express this point as one of the exciting features of this app. The reason behind this is that the app interferes with sensitive access to your smartphone.  As a smartphone user you know, the app that needs sensitive access to the phone also needs the root permission as well.

But surprisingly Quick Shortcut Maker APK’s latest version doesn’t need such kinds of permission. The process of enjoying this app is “install and go”! We will cover the installation and usage process of this app. So, get engaged till the last line of this article as you want to get value from this article.

3.     Advanced Search Engine:

As we mentioned above, this app is not limited to the group by shortcut feature as we mentioned above. You can manually make a shortcut of any hidden apps you want on your home screen. But searching for these apps manually is a little bit boring. This app has advanced search filters to find out what app you want to make fun of!

4.     List your favorite apps:

As we mentioned above, we don’t use all the apps that we install from the play store. But we have some favorite apps that we use regularly. Quickshortcut maker introduces you to do that. After opening this app, you will find a dedicated tab mentioned as “Favorites” next to the activities tab. All your apps will be visible over there what you will select as your favorite.

5.     Super tiny file size:

Last but not least, to enjoy all the features that have been briefed above, it will consume only 2.01 MB of storage for the latest version. Yes, we see that the app was last updated last Feb 2014. However, it can serve seamlessly as what we described to you.

How to use quick shortcut maker apk latest version

There are no special kinds of instructions in terms of using this app. First, make sure this app is installed on your smartphone. Open the app by tapping on the Quickshortcut icon. After going into the home screen of the app, you will get 4 tabs to navigate.

On top of these, you will find a search filter that has two types of methods to search. One is titled “Incremental search” and another one is “Normal Search”. The names of these four tabs are Activities, Applications, Favorites, and History.

Activities Tab:

This is the first tab of the Quick Shortcut Maker app where all the apps will be presented according to your app user behavior. If the most frequently used app is WhatsApp, then in this tab this app incur will be shown at the top. Let’s imagine, Facebook is the second most frequently used app by you. Then this app will take its place in the second position. All other apps will be organized automatically following this simple algorithm.

Application Tab:

This tab will allow you to see all the normal and hidden apps of your phone in a single column. You can create any shortcut of any app you want. Just click on the icon of your desired app that will open a dialogue box. At the bottom right corner of the dialogue box, you will get a button to create your shortcut on your home screen. You can perform this action from the activity tab as well.

Favorites Tab:

The apps you will mark as your favorites will be shown in a list within this tab. To mark any of your desired apps is a super simple process. Make sure first, you are in the Application tab and the entire list of all the apps will appear. Tap on the icon of the app that you like most. A dialogue box will appear where at the top right corner you will find a star-shaped tiny icon. Tap once on this icon, and that’s it! Your app will be listed as your favorite.

History Tab:

This is another useful and necessary feature that is not unique in the whole world (As you know very well!). This history tab will record all the latest activity you performed within the app. You can erase all the activity from your history at any time you want. You can limit the history count from the settings of this app from 10 to 10,000.

How to download and install quick shortcut maker apk latest version

Here comes a little bit a crucial part- to install quickshortcutmaker apk with proper convenience.  In that case, we want to suggest a couple of things. The primary one is, you don’t have to follow the traditional process (such as Google Play Store) to install this amazing app on your phone.

We have made this process one step easier for you. At the end of the article, the direct link to this app has been attached. Don’t be afraid about the security. We are assuring you that the link and the file are completely safe.

The secondary thing is, you have to give permission from the settings of your phone to install third-party apps.

Installing procedure for quick shortcut maker apk latest version:

  • At first, you have to enable access to installing the third-party app. If you use the older version of OS, to make this done, follow the sequence – settings> security > and enable to download from unknown sources.

If you are using the latest version of Android, then you have to open the play store app to disable “play protect” first. To do this, tap the burger icon located in the top left corner. A bunch of options will appear where one of them will be titled “Play Protect”. Tap on it and turn your Play Protect option off.

  • Download QuickShortCutMaker from the link below as per the instruction we mentioned above.  Make sure your phone has enough storage to install and operate the app seamlessly.
  • After downloading the app a shortcut icon will be visible on your home screen. Tap on it – and enjoy!


Be careful about one thing. It’s true that this app doesn’t need any root access to use. But when it comes to creating shortcuts from your hidden apps, then you should do this at your own risk. Because some of these hidden files can be part of the system software included with the OS. So playing with these the wrong way can turn your phone into brick mode eventually.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ):

Some of the questions about this can appear in the user’s mind. We value their thoughts. To answer all of these frequently appeared questions in your mind, we have organized this portion. Let’s jump right into it-

Q: How much is it secured to download this app from this site?

  • More than 100%! Because we don’t customize the coding of any apps to manipulate something otherwise. We just manage the portable version of the apps and share the downloadable links with you.

Q: Do I have to fill up any sign-up form to download this app?

  • No.. Not at all! It’s just a matter of a single click to download.

Q: Does the app still have any personal data such as my phone number or email address?

  • Not again! No email, no phone number, and no any kinds of personal info are needed where even google play can grab from you.

Q: Do I have to pay to enjoy the app?

  • Not only for this particular app. Enjoying the features of any apps from the website you are visiting right now is completely free. We always value our user satisfaction and that motivation takes us to go further.

Closing Part:

If anyone wants to list the top 20 tiny but extremely useful apps for the android user’s community, then Quickshortcutmaker app will take its place with great domination. That’s why we couldn’t resist ourselves to have a detailed discussion on this. Thousands of apps exist out there that will be reviewed one by one for sure. Stay tuned with us and bookmark us on your browser to get all the frequent updates regarding Android.


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