PI Planning integration for Azure DevOps

PI Planning integration for Azure DevOps: Kendis is a digital solution for big rooms and distributed P.I planning. Kendis seamlessly integrates with your team’s agile tools like Azur DevOps, TFS, and Jira.

It will help you manage dependencies, set smart objectives, and track risks in a simple, visual, and painless manner.

PI Planning integration for Azure DevOps

Step 1

Let’s start by creating a program board for planning.

Creating a program board for planning

  • Before the PI planning release, a train engineer can set up a board to define the PI date and duration.
  • Connect to Azure DevOps or TFS by providing URL and API token.
  • Create teams by providing their names, labels, and colors.
  • Define the Sprints for the program increment.

Step 2


The next step is to get features into Kendis.

  • Choose from your existing queries board type new WIQL.
  • Now select how the stories are linked to the features, for example, parent-child relationship.


Make sure you select only features in your queries, and all the linked stories to the features will appear in Kendis automatically.

Step 3

Map teams

  • To map teams in Kendis to Azure DevOps select project, area Path team, and Sprint’s, that’s it.

Your board is ready to plan to invite your teams and start the planning.

PI planning day

On the PI planning, day after the business context has been shared, and teams know which features to prioritize? The planning in Kendis can begin.

Planning in Kendis

During the team breakouts, scrum masters of each team can go to their team area and set the capacity for each Sprint. Teams can start the planning by pulling the features from the prioritized program backlog into a sprint, expand the feature card, and can create stories by providing story title and estimate.

Created stories

Stories will be created instantly in Azure DevOps. It will be linked to the feature and placed in the Sprint. Saving valuable time for everyone and reducing the chance of errors.

Dependencies with other teams

If you discover there are dependencies with other teams, Kendis makes it easier for the program to visualize and track. Simply drag from one corner of the card to the other card or click on the dependency icon and search the item.

Set the description

Next, you can set the description of your dependency and status. Later, when the dependency is resolved, you can change the status, and the line of dependency will go green.

Smart Objectives

Objectives are a summary of the business or professional goals for the release train they are with the program or agile teams intend to achieve in the current program increment or PI.

With Kendis, you can set the business value score for each objective.

Additionally, for better tracking and visualization, you can also link objectives to features that are present on your board to measure the progress of the objective during the program increment.

Plan Review

Plan review during the draft plan and later in the final review product donors from each agile team stands beside the large digital Kendis board explained to the attendees their plans as well as mentioning dependencies risks or impediments that they may have discovered.

Kendis board can be switched to separate mode to show when the feature will be completed by one team in Griffin vio. Analytics in Kendis will highlight if teams have planned more than their capacity.

When PI planning is completed

solution for your PI planning and trcking needs

Track risks in a simple, visual and painless manner

Once the PI planning is completed, change the board state to track.

  • With Kendis, you can track the progress of your features and stories.
  • See how many dependencies are still open and identify bottlenecks.
  • Visually manage objectives progress and, most importantly, save hours from understanding changes made after the PI planning.
  • Identify features added, stories that change their sprints, and instantly understand the underlying reasons for scope increases.
  • Kendis saves tons of hours of manual tracking. It’s a complete solution for all your scaled agile planning and tracking needs.

No other tool can provide you with such precise and intelligent data.

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