iOS 13.2 issues:

iOS 13.2 issues

iOS 13.2 issues: It seems as though iOS 13 and its subsequent updates have had some sort of issue with multitasking or RAM management depending on what you want to call it whatever you want to call it.

I’m referring to the reloading of apps over and over and over so for example maybe you open music you’re using music for a while listening to it in the background then maybe you go into the home app then you go out then you go into say applications.

And then go back out and then maybe the weather and then maybe you go into for example YouTube and it reloads over and over and over and I’ve seen this problem more with say Google apps for example and originally I thought maybe it was just the app developers that need to update their applications.

But as I see this more and more and more online, I’m starting to think that it’s specific to iOS now iOS does not have the really the need for a ton of ram normally such as Android phones.

For example

For example, so the iPhone 11 pro max or this iPad pro 12 point 9 from 2018, for example, has 4 gigabytes of RAM and with that 4 gigabytes of RAM you can actually edit 4 streams of 4k videos so the RAM does not seem to be an issue when you’re doing incredibly heavy tasks but for some reason, Apple is very aggressive at closing.

Very Annoying

The applications in the background when you’re not using them and then they have to refresh or reload now normally this wouldn’t be too much of an issue on an iPhone but it is very annoying when you go into say a website and it reloads.

When you just go back into Safari and then an iPhone it’s not as much of an issue as it might be on an iPad for example because on an iPad chance are you’re trying to get work done if you’re trying to multitask now not everybody uses an iPad for work but maybe you’re multitasking and you’ve got the app store open and then maybe you want to note.


And so, you’ve got a note side-by-side with a webpage maybe you’re switching tabs on that webpage and now it just reloaded my webpage that web page should stay in RAM or stay in memory without having to reload especially when I’m working.

Because when I’m working maybe I have my place saved maybe I’m in a specific article down here an old update here but maybe I’m in an article and I’m looking for some specific text or maybe on Apple, I’m researching a new product or something like that and then I want to talk about it.

iOS 13.2 issues


Type around about whatever that is when I have this application reload it becomes incredibly annoying especially when you’re trying to work so it could be pages or keynote or it could be maybe you’re just on Amazon and watching a YouTube video and things are reloading so you’ll see YouTube just reloaded it was open in the background before so now.

It’s reloading and I have to wait for it to go back in now when you play a video in YouTube it’s not necessarily a bad thing because maybe I’m playing a video from any one of these people it will actually resume where you were left off normally but if you have to reload it over and over it.

Just becomes a nuisance and something that is really big pain and like I said I thought it was developers just not catching up or not updating their apps but it seems as though quite prominent websites such as I more are talking about this and many of you have asked me to talk about this.

Apple Understand

So I think Apple hopefully will read this article and understand that this is becoming an issue hopefully they already know this but maybe you were in an important email and trying to research something or copy and paste some text and then everything reloads well that’s just no good and Apple has never had that issue with iOS but iOS 13 introduced quite a few new features but quite a few more bugs as well and so I will be doing an updated Article about iOS 13.2 and what you had to say about it in a few days.

But most of the time when I’m looking through this I don’t really have an issue with apps reloading when I’m using my iPhone if they’re native apps such as the App Store but once in a while I will but it’s mostly things like YouTube or Google or even my Tesla app here or anything.


I’m using it can be incredibly annoying so maybe I’m trying to run a benchmark this one sort of refreshed but it’s actually in the right place so it’s strange to see that this is happening with some things I don’t normally close apps in the back.

You’ll learn I have quite a few open here and normally if I go back into Twitter it will reload every time it’s just the problem I see over and over and over so this is something that I think Apple definitely needs to fix in their software now if you’re coming from iOS 12 this is something completely new for us because this wasn’t really much of an issue until 13 worlds around.


So hopefully Apple fixes it I wanted to talk to you about it since many of you are having this issue and it seems to be very widespread from I More to MacRumors forums to many other places Reddit threads and things like that this is a regular known issue.

So hopefully Apple fixes it soon and I would expect a new beta probably this if they haven’t come out with one by tomorrow.

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