Greece vs Turkey Military Comparison

NATO allies Greece vs Turkey have locked horns twice over the previous month, and relations between the two countries have seen a marked downturn this year. As the two neighbors have seen frequent flare-ups, this latest bat over gas reserves and maritime rights has prompted fears that tensions could escalate further. So, Is the war between Greece and Turkey a real possibility? And if these two countries ever face against each other, who do you think will win? Let’s compare,

Greece vs Turkey Military Comparison
Greece vs Turkey Military Comparison

Area and Population

Area and Population of Greece vs Turkey


In Comparison of Greece vs Turkey, Greece’s current population is 10.4 million, which ranks number 87 in the list of countries by population. In comparison, Turkey’s current population is 84.4 million, which is equivalent to 1.08 of the total world population and ranks number 17 globally.


The total area of Turkey is 769630 square kilometers, while the area of Greece is 131,957 square kilometers, which is six times bigger compared to Greece.

Military Expenditures

Military Expenditures of Greece vs Turkey

Defense expenditures are one of the most direct ways of measuring a country’s potential military capability. The latest defense budget of Greeceis 4.8 billion U.S. dollars. In comparison, Turkey is 19 billion U.S. dollars, which is four times higher than Greece.

Man Power

The Hellenic Armed Forces are Greece’s military force that consists of three professional uniformed services: the Hellenic Army, the Hellenic Navy, and the Hellenic Air Forces. The Hellenic Army is the biggest of the three branches of the Hellenic Armed Forces.

While the Turkish Armed Forces are the military forces of the Republic of Turkey, they are the second-largest standing military force in NATO after the U.S armed forces. They also consist of the Land Forces, the Naval Forces, and the Air Forces.

Man Power of Greece vs Turkey

Active Troops on Land

Comparing active troops on land Greece vs Turkey, the Turkish Army operating on land is the largest Turkish armed forces component with 265000 active military troops, while the Hellenic Army has only 100000 active troops.

Active Air Force

The Turkish air force has 60000 active personnel, nearly two times compared to the Hellenic air force.

Active Naval Force

Greece’s active naval force is still less than Turkey, but as for reserve personnel, the Hellenic armed forces are more than the Turkish armed forces comprising 550000.


Air Power of Greece vs Turkey

The Hellenic air forces’ leading aircraft include the Mirage 2000, F-4 Phantom 2, and the F-16 Fighting Falcon, and as for helicopters, they mainly use the Bell 205 and Eurocopter AS-332. The Hellenic air forces used Embraer E-99 for airborne early warning and controlled Bombardier CL-415 for aerial firefighting and the Lockheed C-130 for transportation.

Combat Aircraft

The Turkish air forces’ leading combat aircraft is the same as the Hellenic air forces: the F-4 Phantom 2 and the F-16 Fighting Falcon. They had previously received 8 F-16s purchased directly from the United States, bringing the total number of the F-16s acquired by the air force to 240.


The main helicopters used by them include the Bell UH-1, Sikorsky S-70, and the Eurocopter AS-332. Other modern platforms that have entered service are the Boeing 737 Peace Eagle for airborne early warning and control, the Airbus A400M Atlas for strategic airlift, and KC-135 Stratotanker for aerial refueling.

Turkey placed an order for 30 F-35 lightning tunes with 4 delivered to Luke air force base and then had the order canceled due to its acquisition of the S-400 SAM systems from Russia.

Now talking about quantity-wise,

  • The Hellenic air forces’ total combat aircraft is 187 versus 206 to that of Turkish air forces.
  • They have far too few helicopters, trainers, and even transports compared to its rival.
  • It gives 576 total aircraft of the Hellenic air forces, half compared to Turkish air forces.

Naval Power

History shows that rancor on land or in the air can quickly sprawl out to the sea, or saltwater conflict could ensue independently of events ashore.

Naval Power of Greece vs Turkey

Hellenic Navy Frigates and Submarines

Greece vs Turkey, the Hellenic navy relies mainly on frigates, primarily surface heavy boats, and the types operated are the Hydro Class and the Eli Class. The Hellenic navy submarine command operates 11 submarines of 4 types. The latest and most advanced type operated is the Type 214 Papanikolis Class. They were also equipped with Osprey and Asheville classes that serve as gunboats and various other ships and mine warfare.

Turkish Navy Frigates and Submarines

While the clans of frigates of the Turkish naval force include Gabya Class, Barbaros Class, and the Yavuz Class submarines operated by them are the Atilay Class, the Preveze Class, and the Gur Class submarines. The Turkish naval force also operates corvettes, and the corvettes class operated are the Ada class and the Burak Class.

Both the naval forces do not use aircraft carriers and destroyers.

  • The Turkish navy has 16 frigates, which is just a bit more than the Hellenic naval forces.
  • Submarines used by both the naval forces are almost equal in number.
  • Turkish navy operates 10 numbers of corvettes while the Hellenic navy does not operate them.
  • Both the naval force has an equal number of coastal patrol, but the Hellenic naval troops are less than its rival for the mine warfare.
  • The Hellenic naval force’s total fleet strength is 116 versus 149 to that of the Turkish naval force.

Land Power

The heavy equipment and weaponry of the Hellenic Army are mostly foreign manufacturers from American, British, French, German, and other suppliers. Exceptions are the Kentaurus and the Leonidas armored fighting vehicles built in Greece by the Hellenic vehicle industry.

Land Power of Greece vs Turkey

Hellenic Battle Tanks

The Hellenic army forces’ main battle tanks include the Leopard 2A6 HEL, Leopard 2A4, and Leopard 1A5, which is German made. The U.S tanks have M48A5 and M60A3.

Hellenic Multiple Rocket Launchers

The Hellenic Army used the RM70 and the US-270 multiple rocket launchers.

Turkish Multiple Rocket Launchers

Turkish army force also used the M270 MLRS. Besides M270, they also use the T-122, MGM140, ATACMS, T-107, and T-300.

Turkish Battle Tanks

The Turkish army force’s main battle tanks are the Altay, leopard 2, leopard 1, M60 Patton, and the M48 Patton.

  • They have over a total of 2380 tanks versus 1913 to that of Greece.
  • The armor fighting vehicles of the Turkish land forces almost doubled than that of the Hellenic Army.
  • They even have more self-propelled artillery, rocket projectors, and fill artillery as well.

That was the military comparison between Greece and Turkey, even with the current situation that is going on as there have been frequent flare-ups. Let’s hope that both of them won’t blunder into war with each other so it won’t end in a catastrophe.

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