How to Download a video from Facebook

How to Download a video from Facebook

How to Download a video from Facebook on your Mac or Windows computer, including Facebook lives, ready for re-use or repurposing.

Now, if you’ve got videos on Facebook, including Facebook live streams, that you’d like to download and repurpose from your Mac or Windows PC, unfortunately, the process is not as straightforward as it can be. 

But the good news is that there are a few options to do it and we’re going to run through the best ones right now. Now each option does have its advantages and disadvantages, so make sure you stick around to make sure that you’re using the best solution for you. 

First Method:

So, the first option I’m going to take you through is just using, using the website to download your videos that way. 

And the process is a little bit different between a page, a profile, and a group. Through a couple of different methods to download your videos that way. 

But I do want to let you know that the next two options that to take you through after this one enables you to download higher-quality versions of your videos, then Facebook allows you to download using this method. 

So, make sure you stick around for those.

  • On Facebook, I’m just on my profile now. We are navigating through and find a video that we want to download.

step 1
  • That’s going to open that post in a new window. All you need to do for your profile is come up to these three dots in the top right-hand corner and hit download video. 
step 2
  • And once that loads, you could be presented with one of two things. The first one, I’m using Google Chrome, and this is what’s displayed. 
  • All I need to do to save it is to right-click on it and choose to save video as and that video, I can then save it to my computer from here. 
step 3
  • Or depending on which browser you’re using.
  • you’re either going to see this same window here as I have or you’ve just going to see the download window pop up to start that downloading automatically. 
step 4

So that’s the first way, and that’s how you can download from your profile. 

A page or a group can be a little bit different.

  • So, I’ve just jumped across to a group. I’ll come down here to videos, and I’ll find a video in the group.
step 1 groups
  • Let’s click on the video.
  • And then I’m going to need to do come down the bottom here. Again we’re looking for these three dots, and we choose download video.
step 2 groups
  • We then presented with that same window, just with the video itself in it. Right-click, save video as to save it or you might’ve already been prompted to download at this point already.
step 3 groups
  • So Just Save it in Your Device
last step groups

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Second Method:

I’m going to download higher-quality versions of your videos than following this method, and they’ll also let you easily download other people’s videos as long as they are public.

To Download a Video not posted inside of a private group. This is where we’re going to be using third party websites to manage the download for us.


Again, if it’s a group, you must make sure that it’s not a private video. So I’m just going to go there to see all videos.

  • Let’s pick any video. I’ll click on it. I will pause it. But all you need to do is to grab this link at the top here, the video URL.
  • Now for some reason, if you do not see the video URL, you can right-click on the video itself and choose Show video URL.
  • So I’ve selected, right-click, choose Copy or press command C or control C on your computer to copy that.

You then want to come across one of these two websites

The first one is and the second one is Now really, you can get great results with either one of these two. My personal preference currently is

  • But all you need to do is to paste that video link into the box here, press download.
  • That’s going to go and generate your download links for you. Scroll down the bottom here and then pick the highest-quality version of your video for you to download. So in this case, this video must’ve only gone up in standard definition. You can see it’s 5.88 megabytes.
select quality
  • We just hit the download button
  • One of two things is going to happen. It’s either going to pop up in this new window like this, where we can right click and choose save video as or it’s just going to pop straight up with that download window for you to save your video to your computer.

And be aware that these websites do have quite a few ads and those sorts of things on them, and may, at some point, have some pop-ups or anything. So ignore those, and this is the only piece that you’re interested in down here.

That is the method of using third-party websites. Again, like or Option number three, which is my personal favorite, is actually what I use all the time is a piece of software for Mac and PC called Parallels Toolbox.

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Parallels Toolbox:

And Parallels Toolbox is so much more than just downloading Facebook videos or YouTube videos, and it is a suite of tools that you can install on your computer to do some pretty cool stuff.

Like there’s a do not disturb mode; presentation mode to stop all alerts and everything while you’re live streaming; you can hide your desktop icons if you’re going to be sharing your computer screen and you want to hide everything.

Any mess or clutter on your desktop. You’ve got things like airplane mode, you’ve got a built-in video converter. So there’s a heap of cool little tools and things in here that are useful, and you can currently grab Parallels Toolbox on Mac or Windows for 19.99 per year.

And there’s, as I said, it’s something that we use a lot. Not just for the downloading part but a lot of the other tools and things in here as well.

How do we use it for downloading our videos? All we need to do is to come up to Parallels Toolbox, click on download video and we get this little window here that pops up; I’ll move it off to the side here. What you want to do is make sure that your setting is all correct.

So press on settings, you get to choose your preferred quality. What I would suggest is that you’re pressing the maximum quality available. You also can convert any non-MP4 files. So if you’re going to be downloading any videos off the internet or off any websites that aren’t in MP4, then you can have this automatically convert to MP4 for you.

And you also get to select your download location here. So I’m going to hit done.

  • But to download that video, all we need to Copy the Video URL.
copy url
  • Come back to our video downloader here, and we’ll just hit paste.
paste in the downloader in parallel box
  • The video itself starts downloading.

Recommendation for Parallels Toolbox:

 Parallels Toolbox

I think for the 19.99 per year, with all the tools and everything built-in, but also giving you the ability to download the best quality Facebook and YouTube videos. I think it is an amazing offering. So that’s how easy it is to download your Facebook videos. Now if you’re interested in repurposing your content across other platforms, You can use These Methods.



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