Netflix is an American subscription-based OTT service that offers to a stream of TV shows and films. How to Convert Netflix Video to MP4 for viewing offline? This article introduces two approaches to convert and capture Netflix movies to MP4 step-by-step. Read the details to find out about how it works!

How to Convert Netflix Video to MP4?

Convert Netflix Video to MP4

Convert Netflix Video to MP4: Netflix is a streaming service that supplies a wide array of videos, including movies and TV shows that are now and no longer airing and new Netflix first content.

An NFV file is a video file created by the Netflix streaming app. It includes an encrypted video for a movie or display downloaded via the Netflix program, which lets you view the downloaded titles out of Netflix offline when not connected to the web.

When Netflix downloads a movie or TV show to your own device, the NFV file is saved to your device in a folder along with several different files, such as the .MANIFEST, .NFS, NFI, and .NFA files.

The NFV documents permit you to view Netflix downloads offline within the Netflix program. However, they will not work if you copy them anywhere else for offline viewing.

If you’d like to play Netflix downloads on as many devices as you like, the simplest approach is to Convert Netflix Video to MP4 format.

Netflix Video Downloader is a tool specially designed for downloading Netflix movies into the regional computer as mp4 documents. It’s ready to Convert Netflix Video to MP4 format at fast speed and keep contact calls and subtitles as well. You may also choose the precise audio and subtitle language to save or download the subtitle as an independent file.

Netflix Video Downloader

  • Download pictures and TV shows from Netflix into a pc.
  • Conserve Netflix videos as MP4 files.
  • Keep audio tracks and subtitles.
  • Quick download rate.

You can use the application to Convert Netflix Video to MP4 format using 4 easy steps:

netflix video downloader

Step 1: Choose Output Path

Click “Menu” on the top right corner and choose “Settings” in the drop-down listing, where you are able to customize the output path, select audio & subtitle language, and place the output quality as High, Middle or Low.

Step 2: Search Goal Netflix Video

Enter the title of your intended video or copy the link and paste it from the search box and then click on the “Hunt ” icon, then Netflix Video Downloader will list all of the related videos shortly.

Notice: the very first time you run the tool, you’ll be asked to log in to a Netflix account first before the downloader lists the associated videos.

Find the target picture than simply click the “Download” icon at the conclusion of each name to start exporting it to your local pc within an MP4 file. If the movies you are seeking includes multiple seasons, then you can select the specific season in addition to the specific event for downloading.

Once all of the pictures you selected are downloaded into the regional drive, pick the “Library” Tab on the top and you’ll see all the Netflix videos that have been successfully downloaded. Click the “Folder” icon at the end of each name and you’ll be told to the output folder on the regional computer straight away.

Now go to the output folder and you can locate the Netflix downloads in MP4 format. They are no longer be stored since NFV files and may be copied to other devices for offline viewing as well.


When Netflix downloads a movie or TV show to your apparatus and NFV file containing the encoded downloaded contents are stored to your device in a folder and several other documents, including.

MANIFEST, .NFS, NFI, and.NFA files. This manner, you can observe the Netflix downloads offline within the Netflix program every time a stable network is unavailable, but you aren’t allowed to replicate them elsewhere for normal playback as they won’t operate in that manner.

If you’d like to perform Netflix downloads without restrictions, the most efficient way is to save Convert Netflix Video to MP4 files rather than encrypted NFV files. Netflix Video Downloader is a simple yet efficient tool to help you attain that. Just customize the output path, search your goal Netflix video, click on the”Download” icon and it will be downloaded as an MP4 file to your regional drive shortly.

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