Review of IObit Uninstaller:

Best Review of IObit Uninstaller Software in 2021

IObit Uninstaller: Look at a piece of software called IObit Uninstaller. Now I know some of you use CCleaner to use the uninstall button and that’s fine but this one is different CCleaner has many many functionalities and does a lot of things.

This one is more kind of a specialized piece of software for uninstalling software and that’s it so.

I have it an installer free and has a pro version that you can pay that has more options but the free version is pretty good already.

Review of IObit Uninstaller

What is the best program uninstaller?

This piece of software that will check for software installed and you can use it to uninstall now you might say why should I use third-party software to uninstall.

 When I can actually basically use you know programs and features in Windows and or right-click on an app and uninstall.

It well the uninstall process of most software is rather bad and leaves behind a lot of stuff very often folders files lots of registry keys and temporary staff this program.

The IObit Uninstaller actually goes further and removes more so it will be removed folders it will remove much more of what was installed on your computer than the regular uninstall of Windows.

Review of IObit Uninstaller

So, on the left side, you have programs where you can check out all the programs installed and of course you’ve got the operation to uninstall.

If you have got a recently installed this shows you what are the latest software you installed you’ve got large programs if you’re looking to you know make more space it’s going to show you what’s the biggest programs you got installed on your computer.

And then there’s infrequently years but that I would not trust the infrequently used for example Chrome.

I use it almost every day so it’s not idle for 65 days Pack archiver also it’s not something that is idle. I’ve used it almost at least a few times a week.

Review of IObit Uninstaller

So, it gives you an idea of it’s not necessarily totally true what it says here toolbars and plugins that are also really cool because you can check out what are the toolbars the plugins you’ve got installed on your computer.

It gives you a rating of how good it is or not if there’s something dangerous. It has you know it’s going to tell you something that’s not correct you can check it out for Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, unfortunately, it doesn’t show anything for edge right now but eventually it well because with the new anniversary update there will probably be an update for this software to check it out.

You can uninstall Windows apps so this is pretty cool so you’ve got two windows apps and you’ve got what’s called third-party apps.

So, this is already nice because you can you know uninstall all the apps you have what starts up with your computer that you can check out it has actually more information on what start/stop then the startup tab in the task manager right away processes that are running with their name.

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You can end the process if you want and Windows Update tells you what are the latest updates all the other bits you’ve installed.

Review of IObit Uninstaller

Finally, you got tools where you have a cleanup of residual files and values shortcuts windows batch cache and even a download folder.

If you want there’s an uninstall history shows you everything you’re installed there’s a far shredder which is cool.

Review of IObit Uninstaller

If you have files that are very sensitive you want to make sure nobody ever sees them this will delete it but kind of shred it in a way that nobody will ever see it again finally you have access to Windows tools like, services system, properties, task manager, registry and so on.

And one of the cool features also of this for this piece of software is that you know we all have that’s one day that’s stubborn just doesn’t want to remove from your computer.

Review of IObit Uninstaller

Well, when you click on any software and don’t want to remove you’ve got something called force uninstall this is even deeper this will actually try to uninstall it even if it doesn’t want to so.

Is IObit Uninstaller safe?

This Peace of Software is totally Safe. It’s a nice added feature and you know can help you sometimes even you know sometimes the viruses, malware or you know adware don’t want to uninstall.

You can force uninstall them with this so it can help you a little more and so there’s a lot of nice features here you can batch uninstall meaning you can uninstall any software at the same time and it’s really nice.

Every time you uninstall a piece of software it actually asks you if you want to do a create a restore point which is really nice because who knows could and what can happen by having a restore point if you uninstall the software and it goes wrong you can go back to that restore point and at least maybe have things back to normal.

So, the right nice little piece of software and it’s free so I do not check it out decline any other offers that it might offer you if you uninstall.

It just installs IObit Uninstaller and hopefully, you will have better uninstall and you know I have everything in one place and install programs, apps, toolbars everything is at one place you don’t have to go.

You know 30 different places and windows just to uninstall something so it’s a nice little piece of software and I started using it and actually liked it. if you enjoy my Article and Read more Article then subscribe to my website.


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