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GPR for Everyone: Easy Utility Mapping and Detection

Ground Penetrating Radar Rental: The use of ground-penetrating radar GPR the technology is limited to highly skilled and experienced professionals trained on interpreting steep radar grams. The newly announced like a DSX utility detection solution is changing this by democratizing GPR technology bringing it to less experienced users. How the recently announced Leica DSX utility detection solution?
A disrupting GPR technology is bringing efficiency and digitalizing workflows for mapping and utility location.

What is the DSX utility detection solution?

So, the df/dx allows surveying company civil engineering companies as well as any companies or contractors involved in breaking ground to quickly and reliably detect and map all types of underground utilities. So, it’s important because then the excavator operator can use that information to safely continue to work without the risk to hit any utility lines or other objects. So, this is of significant importance because in the United States itself every 60 seconds, a utility is being struck.

Across the globe, it’s the same so it’s a significant problem and it puts at risk lives of people the neighbourhoods. It also limits access to services like water gas electricity or even the Internet. The Internet was off in their home, so maybe a cable was being struck. The DSX solution allows companies to prevent this kind of accidents.


It’s consisted of two main elements the hardware, which is the DSX which is a card that used for acquiring the data. So, we push the card and it’s used ground-penetrating radar technology to identify and locate all types of objects underground. It is so easy and simple that anybody can do it and within minutes.

How does this newly announced utility detection solution democratize?

It’s a breakthrough in innovation in terms of how the data is visualized and interpreted in the field. So, for the last 40 years that the GPR technology has been accessible to the consumer market. The post-processing and analysis of data have limited to these highly skilled professionals. It has done in the office.

It’s been a time-consuming and cumbersome process. So typically, one day of scanning was one or two days of data analysis and the D Explorer software takes away that complexity completely. So, it automates the data post-processing in the field. It allows unskilled users, so any contractor does their job himself, and then it uses a smart algorithm to confirm the results to give more peace of mind.

What type of users is going to find DSX utility detection solutions to be most beneficial?

Two groups that are addressing and which are the primary target. So, on surveyors that want to diversify their business agility surveying to their business which up until now they might have been very hesitant because of the GPR expertise that would have been required. so that’s kind of opening up a business segment for them. And the even larger group would be the repair maintenance, guys. These are really the guys who are doing the road works who today typically don’t even have any kind of solution but they have the problem.

They have to get a surveyor in to do the detection and everything which is costly and they’re not always there when you need them. Definitely from a user group perspective that’s also where the tailored user interfaces on because they want to really go to the repair maintenance group because those are the guys they don’t know anything about that technology there are the problems rent line and they will explain to us how we need to do the workflow. It fits into their workflow and that’s as mentioned that the Explorer software is really tailored to fit into their workflow.

Ground Penetrating Radar Rental

How is the DSX utility detection solution different from other GPR technology in the market?

The main thing here it is and that’s like the obvious thing when you see it. It’s kind of like this the view so you’re not looking at radar grams that’s like the obvious one, therefore, this like kind of almost consider it’s not in a competitive space where it is.
Today kind of its own thing it’s like really different.

It’s different and especially looking at the user group they’re not familiar with any kind of that technology so they’re not like comparing it with anything else because it’s not comparable when you especially look at the software and the visualization of that right that’s just a whole new thing and how is DSX utility detection solution increasing this is a big one the safety of on-site workers I mean that has to be a huge difference when they have that information.

So, it’s not just about like money-saving and efficiency and for from our side by opening up that market to more people. People who don’t have access today to even that technology I don’t even know about it. Now they have something that will help them and if we say especially the repair maintenance group today, they have maybe an estimation or a guess.
What’s happening today so we’re bringing something that will give you much more information than what you would have before. so, we see that’s a sign you know safety gain for the industry.

Why should companies invest in the DSX utility detection solution?

Safety comes from reliability so we really focus on bringing that reliable detection and this is achieved through promoting the best practice workflow. In the Explorer software to import existing utility records into the software for more information for a more comprehensive overview of what’s there which helps with the interpretation as well as we integrate.

Information from cable locator technology that finds all in or finds power cables finds metallic utilities so all that comes to the Explorer software. The ground-penetrating radar scanning which gives additional information about nonmetallic utilities and other objects. The customer gets a complete picture of really what’s underground and it gives him really a lot of confidence in the results. The second one is definitely the ease-of-use and simplicity.

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