Biggest Arms Importing Countries

Arms Importing Countries

Biggest Arms Importing Countries: As you know arms trade is a major component of the military-industrial complex and worldwide major arms imports are on growing demands especially from countries in conflict with their neighbours well today we would like to rank the top 10 biggest arms importing countries in 2019 this list is based on Stockholm International Peace Research Institute’s estimates of the value of arms transport in 2019.

10. Turkey


Turkey arms imports for great defence. Turkey was 833 million US dollars in 2019 the US has been the largest exporter of arms to Turkey providing around 60% of its total imports for the last five years this amount accounts 3.06% of the total global import for 2019.

9. China


China which imports arms for 887 million US dollars for 2019. Russia accounted for the majority of Chinese arms imports in 2019 with the major imports being of missile defence systems and engines for combat aircraft and warships China accounted for 3.26% of the global total imports during that year.

8. Japan


Japan arms imports for Japan was 891 million US dollars which accounts for 3.27% of the global total imports during 2019 the US and UK were the prime supplier of weapons to Japan over the last five years.

7. USA


Despite being of the world’s biggest arms exporter. The United States of America is also the seventh biggest arms importer in the world arms imports for the USA was 1048 million dollars which account 3.85% of the global total imports for 2019.

6. Egypt


Increased political tensions with neighbouring countries continued to drive Egypt’s arms imports in 2019. Going Corvettes Panther T6 armoured vehicles were failed fighter radars formed a major chunk of the weapon systems imported by Egypt arms imports was 1.19 billion US dollars.

5. Australia


Australia the F-35 combat aircraft and P-8A Poseidon anti-submarine warfare aircraft received from the US in a warship from Spain accounted for more than 80% of Australia’s imports in the last five years the number of arms imported for 2019 was 1.39 nine billion US dollars.

4. South Korea

South Korea

South Korea which accounts to 1.5 billion US dollars this country reliance on the US Germany and the UK for the majority of its armed supplies: AH-64D Apache attack helicopters type XXl submarines MTU diesel engines empty 30 gas turbines and AIM-120, AMRAAM missile was the major defence products imported by South Korea in the last five years.

3. Qatar


Qatar the US was responsible for 65% of Qatari arms imports in the last five years while the remaining imports came from countries such as Germany France China and Russia arms import for Qatar was 2.25 billion US dollars which accounts eight point 3% of the global total imports during 2019 at two point nine six billion US dollars India stands.

2. Russia


Russia was the prime provider of weapons imported by India whereas Israel the US and France have been additionally the key arms exporter for the previous 5 years. Main imports by India through the interval included Su-30MK fighter jets T-90s tanks Mi-17 helicopters Milan anti-tank missiles and MTU engines.

1. Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is the world’s largest arms importer which imports 3.67 billion US dollars of arms during 2019. The US was the major supplier of weapon systems to Saudi Arabia in 2019 followed by the UK and France Saudi Arabia imported F-15 fighter aircraft from the US and Europe fighter typhoon. Multi-role fighters from the UK for the past five years the aircraft were transferred along with cruise missiles and other guided munitions.


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